So What Have I Been Watching?

All right, enough of that shi-ite. As I said earlier, I got bored by anime for quite a while. It turned into isekai, isekai, isekai, and More Isekai. Speaking of which, I was very disappointed in S2 of Rising of the Shield Hero. So was everyone else, including the author, from what I read. I haven’t been able to get back into it’s third season either.

Or the second season of God’s Blessings on This Wonderful world (or Konosuba for short). Generally, I’ve abandoned the genre, especially now that the “twist” is often that the poor Japanese guy is genre savvy. (Dammit, that site always results in my falling down the rabbit hole for an extended period…) Well, it was a funny show, so I need to catch back up for S3.

I did enjoy Tower of God, (NOT isekai) and have been disappointed over the lack of a S2. A lot of it was anticipation of the payoff for all the “f*ck you Rachel” hate from fans of the source material. I was already down on her for abandoning the protagonist, and then trying to pretend she was someone else when they met, but the fan hate from webtoon readers was so hard-core, I figured her betrayal must have been epic. Whoo boy was I right. Sadly, it was a Crunchyroll Original, and they stopped funding those. Also, lack of Princess Yuri was a problem in S1, whereas it looked like she was going to feature more in any S2.

I wonder if I’m becoming a misogamist, as another meme I enjoyed was “F*ck Mami” from Rental Girlfriend. I followed all of S1, but I dropped it early in S2, as all the main characters were dumb-asses unable to figure out what they really wanted, and well, let’s just say the protagonist was a little too recognizable.

A Couple of Cuckoos was a cute twist on the “mismatched teens not in love but forced to cohabitate/marry by their parents.” The twist is that the babies were accidentally switched at birth and it wasn’t discovered for sixteen years. So, hey, if they marry each other, the parents won’t have to swap them back at all, right? Win-Win! Except that neither of the apples fell very far from their biological trees, and both of them are fiercely independent. Add a “Love Stinks” pentagram with the not-biological sister, and an academic rival, and things get mixed up fast. Oh, and don’t forget the otaku stalkers from the FMC’s social media accounts. Fortunately they exist mostly to give the MC the opportunity to flex his manly man-muscles and make the FMC do the doki-doki thing at times.

I definitely enjoyed Reign of the Seven Spellblades. The OP (Sword Flower) is stunning; one of my favorites of the last few years. I have kept up with the LNs as well, and I feel the anime did a great job of following it–possibly unfortunately. One of the difficulties with this story is that the author either hadn’t decided on the full world and backstory until several novels into the series, or maybe he just buried it for too long. This series has been compared to “Harry Potter on steroids.” Dystopian steroids. The lack of an explanation for the insane nature of the staff and student body is not explained within the anime. It isn’t until the sixth episode (corresponding to the end of the first novel) that the viewer discovers that this is a very bloody revenge story set in a school where survival is it’s own degree. Exactly why the school is so full of students and teachers willing to risk anything, even kill to advance their magic, is not explained until one of the later novels. It probably wouldn’t even appear in any second season, unless it were two cour. Short version: Their world is under constant attack from incomprehensible extra-planetary aliens. Mages are the only viable defense, and there appears to be no world government; there’s not even a mention of countries. As for unifying religions…no. None, and no possibility for any.

And then there’s the past two seasons, which brought me back into anime in NO uncertain terms. Continue reading

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So, what have I been doing?

FYI, my image uploading widget doesn’t work, so that’s another thing I need to work on. So, no pictures. Now the rest of this section is going to be an extended “feel sorry for myself” screed, so I recommend you just skip this post if you dislike that sort of thing. Really. Essentially, I wasn’t in a good place after my brother passed in 2018, and that lead me into a funk that eventually cost me my job. I really didn’t care anymore, and was very thin-skinned over any perceived disrespect. And while I didn’t deserve everything, I definitely deserved a lot. I wasn’t fired, but I retired at the end of 2020, one step ahead of that ending. The increasing problems with my health didn’t help. Only four days after retirement, I was exposed to Covid, and ended up having long-form for three months, and took another three to recover. So I’d have been canned anyway had I not bailed. Like many other long-form sufferers, I lost my sense of smell. It still has not fully returned.

I’m dealing three general problems: lingering issues with my neck after corrective surgery, poor blood circulation from clogged arteries, and increasing hip joint failure. Short version:

  • The first gives me minor to severe pain in my neck and right shoulder; unrelated arthritis has caused weakness and range of motion problems in my right arm.
  • The second led to a stroke and circulation problems in my left arm (and partial left eye blindness). I’ve mentally slowed down, and just can’t write the way I could several years ago. Or think as fast, or concentrate for very long.
  • The third has become a real problem lately. Upon getting up, I’m severely unstable and often can’t support myself with my right leg, for several minutes; the pain may cause my leg to collapse. This problem got worse after I took a dive down an escalator in February.. I was stupidly trying to chat up a cute cosplayer to get a picture of her, and put my foot on a step that wasn’t there. Women. Nothing but trouble, eh? /sarc

More recently, I took a two-week trip to visit family and friends, get out of the house that I’ve been rotting away in, and break the patterns. I’ve been worriedly watching my savings dip lower and lower, knowing that I can’t even become a greeter at Wal-Mart (LOL) since I can’t stand for extended periods of time. Before that, and at about the time I was getting ready for my trip, I ran across something that I think I can do. And now that I’m back home in front of my own computer instead of an old laptop, maybe I can do it. Not saying just yet, but if I can pull it off, it might simultaneously help with the $$$$ and give me something to do. We’ll see — I have no expectations of getting rich (too much work anyway), but a little extra income never hurt anyone.

Until the IRS comes calling.

So….next up: Anime!!

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Still trying to fix things

I’m working on the odd bugs and updates needed, particularly the missing comments. I suspect it has to do with the age of the template (c.2010) but I’ve got to relearn so much crap. Update: Ok, it’s fixed. I also took down a 2022 post, not to self-censor, but self regulate. I never meant to mix politics overtly into this blog, but I was mad and Houblog was down. It was a mistake and I fixed it. Doesn’t mean I don’t still believe it.
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Yes, I do live

Well, I am still around, and I’m still having (a lot more) problems with trying to type, but hey, I’m bored. And getting back into anime. Frankly, I wasn’t enjoying the crap being put out for the last few years, but that has turned around pretty dramatically in the last two seasons. Frierin, Apothocary, Solo Leveling, 7th Time Loop, and more.

Beyond that, I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole with the whole Nijisanji/Selen/Sayu thing, and spent HOURS watching livestreams with Legal Mindset. I didn’t even know V-tubing existed before this fit hit the shan. Note: the summary is before the contracts became public. And hoo boy were those … interesting.

Maybe I should get involved in that for a little extra cash…. NANI??? A V-tube model costs how much????

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Pardon the Delay

im having a combination of arthritis and nerve issues. It’s difficult to type. Sorry about the hiatus just as i was getting back into thr swing of things. Also

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, not sure whats wrong with comments
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The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

So this is going to be another anime post

, but it’s combined with the light novels as well. SPO (I don’t know what the Japanese portmanteau is) is a current release available on Funimation. I had been ignoring the books for some time, as I had no interest in yet another OP isekai protagonist. Having too much time on my hands after retirement, I queued up the anime, and then got interested in the novels as a result. The reason was simple: I’d completely misjudged the original, based on the title. It’s not a tale of a romp through an alternate world – if anything, it’s a slice of life / romance so far.

We start with the usual summons from an alternate world, but there’s an immediate twist… They expected to summon one woman, but got two: Aria (age 15, HS student), and Sei (age 26? overworked office lady). The Grand Magus collapses, and the First Prince barges in before anyone can figure out what’s going on. Taken by the pretty young girl’s beauty, he completely ignores the frumpy tired woman, proclaims the cutie is the Saint, and whisks her away. Sei is almost completely ignored in the chaos. Eventually she realizes:

A) She’s been magically kidnapped.
B) She can’t go home.
C) Some other girl is the hero; she’s just an accident.

Continue reading

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Tenchi Muyo – Ryo Ohki

Today’s post is going to be a little different from the last few days, as it’s about anime. Well, that was the original point of this blog, after all.

A few years ago, Silver Link (correction: A1C) started producing a series of OVAs based on Tenchi Muyo’s novels, set after the three main original series. Given the power inflation of the originals, there’s no real challenges possible, and no real “action”. Instead, the OVAs (of which there are about twenty, broken up into five seasons) are a whole lot of talking. The main point of this is to unify all the various spinoffs into one coherent narrative. The characters from GXP make a number of appearances, along with War on Geminar’s Kenchi, as a baby and small child.

The latter is the focus of series four and five. It seems that Kenchi’s insertion into an alternate world and his ridiculous physical abilities weren’t an accident. It turns out that Rea, the new wife of Tenchi’s father, is an artificial human from Geminar, deliberately sent to an alternate universe (Earth) in order to produce a child that would then be summoned back to lead the good guys. Um…ok, makes perfect sense.

In some universe. Continue reading

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